Author Topic: Liverpool defender Jose Enrique compares Suarez with Messi  (Read 50248 times)


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Liverpool defender Jose Enrique compares Suarez with Messi
« on: March 22, 2013, 03:18:55 PM »
Messi is the heartthrob for soccer fans across the world, and similarly, he is also the most admired player across soccer fraternity. Just few weeks back, all-time Brazilian great Pele compared his teammate Neymar with Messi and said he is even better than the Argentinean, and now, Liverpool’s defender Jose Enrique is marking a similar comparison between his teammate Suarez with that of Messi. Obviously, it has become a fashion these days to make a comparison with Messi whether someone actually deserves it or not, but Enrique bases his assessment on the performance of Uruguayan footballer. Notably, Suarez is the leading goal scorer for Liverpool this season taking all competitions together; he is leading by 20 goals from second highest goal scorer Steven Gerrard. Even in EPL, he has maximum number of 21 goals this season. According to Enrique, Suarez is a nightmare for defenders across the world; perhaps the ways he has shattered the defense of his opponents this season clearly signals how dangerous striker he could be for his club. Enrique put his view about 26-year old Liverpool striker on club’s official website that reads as:

“I tell [Luis] all the time that he always does the same thing - he tries to do nutmegs. It's always 'megs, 'megs, 'megs. And you just know that he is going to do it but you can't stop him," Enrique told

“When you know someone, you can know what they are going to do but he's still a very difficult player to train against.

“He scores so many goals in training. It's like with Messi - everyone says he is going to cut inside all the time. And you know that he is going to do this but you can't stop him from cutting inside and scoring goals. With Luis [and nutmegs] it's the same. Of course there are some differences between the two players.

“Luis is a great all-round striker but it's not just about the goals, it's about what he gives to the team - it's about his personality and his attitude.

“He's the same in training as what you see in games. He gives 100 per cent all the time. He never misses training and, touch wood, he has not been injured so far.

“Everyone wants to win - my character is that I don't like to lose at anything - but with Luis, when he loses the ball; he knows exactly how to press again.

“It's amazing, of course, how he scores goals and some of the goals he has scored have been incredible.”