Author Topic: Barcelona need more affords to reverse its recent slumps: Messi  (Read 33629 times)


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Barcelona fans would surely be not happy with the way Barca has performed in the last few weeks, especially its two straight defeats from its arch rival Real Madrid. Many say Barca is missing its ace coach who is being treated for his throat cancer back in the US while some insiders blame lack of serious affords from Camp Nou club to regain its supreme position. Though, it is still leading La Liga by 11 points from second place holder Atletico who has played an equal number of matches until now. When others were blaming Barca’a will power to triumph back, no one was buying, and now one of the most trustable players is saying similar comments about his club, and that is none other than Lionel Messi who is apparently taking their recent defeats more seriously than others. According to him, Barca’s recent debacles were caused by its lack of striking force that could crush the opponent’s defense something for which they are known for. Barca next few La Liga matches could be high scoring for it where it can enhance its leading margin along with getting a boost of confidence they have lost via their last few defeats. They are going to clash with bottom place holder Deportivo on coming Saturday at Nou Camp where they would surely be eyeing on a clean sweep.

Messi recently participated in a promotional event here at Barcelona where he talked about Barca’s last few failures, he said, “It's obvious that we need to give a bit more. We know what the problems were in the defeats, it's something we have talked about in the dressing room and it has to stay there.  We have been losing recently and we know what we have to do to change. A key match is coming when we can react and make that change.”

“It has affected us a great deal and I think it has taken its toll when we have been out on the pitch,” he further added.

"But this is a strong dressing room and we cannot lay the blame there.  Coming from behind is what we all want. We know it will be difficult but we have faith. If they could do it to us there we can do it here. We know that if they score it will make things harder and that Milan has some very good players but we have our chances.”